Yoga Philosophy

Yoga is fantastic for the body and mind.  It is not only something I practice but rather a whole lifestyle I live and love. 

 The Kelshas, according to the Yogic philosophy, are the 5 main reasons we end up suffering in our human experience.

If we can learn how to balance the above, it is said, we will not suffer.

Be open, learn to listen, try to understand, think about more than just the self, do not attach yourself to something fully, do not avoid or fear, and continue to live. In the end, all of our human experiences will come to an end, but while we are here, let's be kind, honest, love freely, and maintain the balance inside and outside of us. 

Life can be frustrating, but if you turn all of those frustrations into gratefulness, life will be a more pleasant experience for you. 

A simple analogy may help. Doing the dishes. We all have dishes to do after cooking or eating a meal, and looking at them piled in the sink can be overwhelming. Some may get angry, frustrated, annoyed, or even avoid it at all costs.


If you turn that mindset around, just watch how your outlook and circumstance will change. You have to do the dishes, but you have to do them because you were able to obtain delicious food. You have to do the dishes because you have a stove, fire, or some mechanism to cook or a place to store said food. You have to do the dishes but you were able to nourish yourself, and possibly others. You have to do the dishes, but you are able to do the dishes with the running water you have, with the soap you were able to buy. You are using your working body, to scrub those dishes, and that should be something you are grateful for right there.


Put on your favorite music, lather the sponge with soap, and put a smile on. Dishes are on the never ending to do list in life, try to enjoy it and be grateful for everything that lead you there! And, if you have a dishwasher, be extra grateful!