License #: 18KT00902100

Who Is Mindful Movement Massage And Wellness

My name is Nicole and I am so happy you are here! I have been a licensed massage therapist for about ten years and I am currently offering at home services, along with event services, while I currently await the right opportunity and timing to open my own place!

Happily providing massage services in Ocean and Monmouth County, I am certified in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Thai Massage, Hot Stone/Salt Stone (although hard while traveling), Aromatherapy, Cupping, and Yoga (stretching)

Mindful Movement Massage And Wellness Philosophy

Mindful Movement Massage and Wellness has a main philosophy, and it is to move with intent and mindfulness, focusing on the present moment. In Thai massage, they call massaging, a moving meditation, and as a massage therapist, my practice is exactly that. 

Along with anatomy and physiology education, my hands have their own knowledge. They can start to understand the story of the body that they touch, as all of our daily movements, are written within us and our bodies.

I aim to make every client feel comfortable, and to help aid in the healing of their body, as our body is linked as a whole. A simple neck disruption can lead us to feel it all the way down into our toes, so we must be mindful of all aspects and parts of our bodies, and work together for the best results. 

I hope to aid your body and mind into becoming it's best, all while being fully present and intentional with each movement I make. 

Where Is Mindful Movement Massage And Wellness

I have all the supplies needed to perform a massage anywhere. I will bring the table to you, along with a Spotify playlist of your choosing, some battery lit candles to light the area, and my other supplies to provide the best experience.

Some Places and Ideas can be:

Your home, in a prechosen room

Your vacation and/or summer home! Again, in a room of your choosing, or if you would rather be outside in the sunshine or shade, I just need a spot for the table! We can make anything work. 

The beach (although the table won't be set up, I can come to you on the beach and provide massages for you and everyone in your party)  I can travel to most beaches , if a pass is provided. Side note: A beach massage also becomes an exfoliation at some point, once the sand mixes with the lotion. Just a warning, but also, great for the skin!

An event such as a bridal shower/party, baby shower, birthday, etc. 

Keep in mind, a massage can be broken down by minutes and body parts. If one person wants to focus on their back, another can focus on their legs and feet, all is well!