What Is Cupping

Cupping is a release using suction to pull blood and fluid that is "stuck," (which contains toxins and waste products), to the surface layers of the skin. It then puts that blood back into the bloodstream for processing. The newly oxygenated blood flows back into the area to promote healing and allows more movement in the body.

Benefits Include:

Cupping Contraindications

If you have any of the following, cupping is not recommended for you

If you have any of these conditions, communication is key. Avoiding the areas of contraindication would lead to best results. If we cannot do cupping in certain areas, or not at all, massage will be the next best thing!

What To Expect When Receiving Cupping

Cupping, especially static cupping, will leave marks on the skin. To the left is a chart, showing the deeper the color means the more stagnation is present. 

But I am here to tell you, it does get better!

If you commit to having cupping done regularly, you will see an improvement of the coloring each time, showing you the benefit of the newly oxygenated and circulated blood!

But, even if just a one time choice, your body will benefit either way.

You may want to avoid cupping and the marks it leaves if you have a special event such as a wedding, prom, vacation, bodybuilding competition, etc. in the near future.

The marks last about 4 days but can linger for as long as a week depending on the amount of toxins being released.